La goutte

La goutte is Premium buffet that has a waterdrop as a motif and serves food in its natural taste with delicate, refined image.

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Where beautiful dining starts in nature, ‘la goutte’

A nature-friendly interior with water drops as motif
la goutte means ‘water drop’ in French and signifies the source of nature. It is designed with water drops image, in nature-friendly materials such as marbles and hardwood and satisfies the guests’ artistic senses with simple but sophisticated interior and mysteriously subdued atmosphere through natural flow of lights and shades. The indoor terrace with glass enables the guests to look out into the sky in the center of the city, making a unique space.

Nature-themed, differentiated food and live corner

The restaurant provides the best food prepared with fresh farm-delivered ingredients in restrained, organic recipe. Nutritious sushi made with red and black vinegar, seafood corner, dim sum and Asian noodle corner with ethnic food corner. You can enjoy watching cooks working in the Live Kitchen as you eat. Different kinds of desserts and coffee brewed by baristas are another attraction.



  • Location Building B, 3F
Breakfast Buffet Lunch Buffet Dinner Buffet
  • · Weekdays 07:00~10:00
  • · Saturdays 07:00~10:00
  • · Sundays/Holidays 07:00~10:00
  • · Weekdays 12:00~14:30
  • · Saturdays 12:00~14:30
  • · Sundays/Holidays 12:00~14:30
  • ·Weekdays·Saturdays·Sundays/Holidays 1st time (17:00~19:00)
    2nd time (19:30~21:30)
  • · Adult - 40,000 won
  • · Child - 20,000 won
  • · Adult - Weekday : 69,000 won                   weekend : 92,000 won
  • · Child - Weekday : 35,000 won                   weekend : 46,000 won
  • · Adult - Weekday : 87,000 won                   weekend : 92,000 won
  • · Child - Weekday : 44,000 won                   weekend : 46,000 won
  • ※ Breakfast buffet will be temporarily suspended from March 1, 2023.
  • ※ 10% VAT included.
  • ※ Free for children younger than 36 months old
  • ※ Make a reservation in advance for your convenience.

Partnership discounts

Hyundai Card

20% of payment
can be made with M Point

BC Card

10% discount at restaurant
100% of payment
can be made with ​TOP points

KB Kookmin Card

10% discount at restaurant
100% of payment
can be made with points


* Naru Art Center Culture Center members
(Registration ID required) get 10% discount

* 10% discount for customers with tickets
for performances at Naru Art Center
(Up to 7 days before and after the performances)

* Above discounts are applicable to food only.
Cannot be used with other discounts.