Every lane is equipped with cutting-edge facilities such as International Motion Recorder (IMR) and automatic tee-up machine. Two putting places, one slope and one flat, on grass close to natural grass. Latest model golf zone screen.

You may receive high level of lessons through scientific golf training programs, utilizing the cutting-edge facilities. Not all indoor golf range has the high level and know-how.

We provide high quality golf lessons by our own golf professionals who are certified as LPGA Class A member and TPI level 3 golf instructors.

Major facilities

18 boxes (1 left-handed, automatic tee-up, 6m), Swing analyzer (18 IMRs), golf zone screen, sloped putting, flat putting, membership lounge, 470 golf lockers

Operating hours

· Mon~Sat: 05:30~22:00

· Sundays and Holidays: 09:00~21:00

· Regular closures: The 2nd Wed. every month, New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year’s Day, Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving)

· gym, Spa, golf course – must be 16 or older to use