Natural bedrock water pumped from 830m deep underground, containing various mineral and alkali ingredients will make your complexion brighter and softer.

A luxurious hot spring spa with natural bedrock water. The effectiveness of the spa has been verified by the master researcher of medical balneology, Dr. Agishi Yuko, and Hot Spring Research Center in Tokyo.

Contains alkaline ingredients that cause less irritation to skin

Water quality suitable for all ages.

Effects of alkaline ingredients

Mild on skin and dissolves horny layer. Helps atopic dermatitis and chronic eczema with its thermal property.

Effects of sodium chloride

The hot spring is called “Heat bath” for its strong thermal effects and the long-remaining sense of heat. Helps relieve stress, cold constitution, menopausal disorder, and peripheral circulatory disturbance.

Effects of hydrogen sulfide

Expands the peripheral blood vessels and helps periphery circulatory disturbance and arterial sclerosis caused by hyperlipidemia, diabetes, etc.

Various types of spas and saunas

  • Sauna: wet, dry, Roman-style
  • Bath: Choose from different temperatures and baths to your like event baths, cold and hot baths, ion bath, hinoki (carbonic) bath, hydrotherapy
  • Other: Salt sauna

Relaxed rest and convenient facilities

Luxurious equipment and services will provide relaxation.

  • Private powder room
  • Sleeping room
  • Rest area
  • Well-being zone
  • Total care (body, scalp, hair, etc.)

Operating hours

· Mon~Sat: 05:30~22:00

· Sundays and Holidays: 09:00~21:00

· Regular closures: The 2nd Wed. every month, New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year’s Day, Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving)

· gym, Spa, golf course – must be 16 or older to use